Tied In Freestyle Lyrics

1. I set this shit off, like a blunt, on the wide end
2. You can tell em run up, know I’m strapped, cuz I’m tied in
3. If it’s static, kick yo door, like a fireman
4. Mugged up but this smile a take yo bitch or make yo tires spin

5. Wads of paper in & out my bag jus like a trash goal
6. Hit to store to grab a couple packs like this the last roll
7. Heard yo shit up on the blogs, swipe to hit the fast foe’d
8. A couple drums I got 200 for em but don’t pass go

9. I was fucked up got the heat cut off like my last hoe
10. Now I keep the heat & tell a bitch.. jus go smash bro
11. Know I wasn’t first & I’ll be damned to be yo last hoe
12. I leavе him shitty, fertilize the ground & makе the grass grow

13. If you ain’t try’n pay me what the fuck we even talking bout
14. I took my L’s up on the chin, stood on 10 & walk it out
15. Came up off the Za the only ice I got is sparkle it now
16. My potna fucking wit the white girl, I do the chocolate now

17. Hit em when I spark it, ion need a beam my aim is right
18. I put em in the ground the deepness damn near the same his hight
19. 6 feet, get up off my dick to let my chicks eat
20. Talking bout Tone, they blowing hot air like I clicked heat

21. Bet my heat click, empty mags, I can’t leave a round
22. I’m the type of mother fucker yo bitch you can’t leave around
23. Flood it then I leave a town, I’m hot like my sleeves are down
24. Keep that mother fucker tucked like I got some thieves around


25. You’d think these goof’s getting cheese how they be clique w rats
26. & Ian talking sex these pusses still down on they dicks & ass
27. Mother fuckers ain’t got the wheel or a whip to crash
28. Tryna play wit tone it ain’t a game & I’ll whip yo ass

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