Be awesome on a daily basis
You been chillin at the bottom that’s where the base is
Face it i ace it like a jackpot in Vegas
I been at the top you can’t even see where my face is
You Layman
Aye man
Uh yeah I feel amazing
I’m cold do em like rain man
Boutta get this dollar like amen
You can kiss my ass
I be livin life way to fast
She Pop that pussy and I pop tags
That’s a good deal bitch I ain’t even mad
Beat this beat like a deadbeat dad
Pack this heat in a Snakeskin bag
Low tier bars but still kinda rad
This low tier bar boutta make me cash
Thе best underground dont @ me
I’m not just dirty I’m nasty
I likе red wine I’m classy
I do this by myself I never needed you to back me
I thank you very much I’m very confidently savvy
I’m goin out to lunch I put these rappers in a patty
They want my dick so badly
And when I give it to em I say who’s yo daddy
Jk bitch come suck on my balls
I don’t own vans but I’m goin off the wall
I been doin that dance with the devil it’s a waltz
I been at a loss
I can’t even fathom just how much I’ve been a boss
Claiming you a baller but you shoppin at the Ross
I can’t stand the sight of you wannabes at all

Don’t trust nun
Set my status to an asshole
Really something, always kept it a buck
You gotta simmer down
Movin like you stuntin, but you average
Can’t see straight, but I’ll walk in
And I’m bringin it up
You mothafuckas been sad, fuck a cosign
My bitch bad, see yours “mooin” lookin bovine
That’s tough bro
But this pussy been made for the ko
Doublin the pressure been ready
Since I was 7
Caught the motivate in a panic
The penance I paid was heaven
I’m a mothafuckin demon
See sin you finna pass out
Broke boy too worked for the –
Last time, you gained a balance
Flex these bills while hoes endow us
Cold, from the ‘78
Time to show em up
What Vexx just told is the outcome

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