The truth is I’ve had better days
The truth is I’ve had better days
But bitch ima go getter hey
I be makin chedder like everyday
I know I entertain All the shit they say
If I’m gettin paid why would I stop my ways
That’s real
I just meditate
Take it back to a better state
My fans are great bitch your fans all late
Shoutout the ones who found me early in the wave
They be smart as fuck might find a cure for aids
They support me even when I’m feelin hate
I know it sucks when summer feelin gray
Want the bright skies but it’s just rain
Lift your chin up dawg
You not alone
Cause we fly as fuck clear the runway
I’m gone
Im fly as fuck
Too real

(this retard couldn’t figure out how to say “fly as fuck”)
I feel great
When I feel I’m best at it
Take a day
Think about the rest of it
I could change
Anything I wanna choose
Making bank on the way
You could be the one who never cared
Or play the game
Like you never wanna share
Make ‘em pay
No loose change
Don’t be afraid
I’m no stranger
Two times seen you feeling stressed
Next step left walking straight blessed
Get a text from the hotline bling bling
Fly as fuck all the time reaching
For something better
Fuck the weather
If it ever pours down I’ll endeavor
I could never break a frown
Feeling lesser
Fuck love
Until I’m up
Fly as fuck on a bitch like

Im fly as fuck
Too real, (T7)
As fuck
I was seeing you never could I exit
Going south
But it wasn’t Texas
I was feeling great
I was feeling dull
Every single night
Rip another bowl
Green smoke take
It was losing meaning
Right before you see me
Channel blood is streaming
My was head down
It was hard to stand there
What’s next?
(Stress, pleasure, sex, stress, pleasure, sex)
It was all for pleasure
All for sex
(Sex, money, drugs, sex, money, drugs)
Money drugs
Like fuck my intellects
We were losing brain cells
Paralyzed so I stayed still
Grip the pick we break the ice
I broke myself to make shit right
And sold it

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