RAGE Lyrics

Tristan Scott

1 (Tristan)
Hurtin is good poppin pills is good fuckin skills is good kickin nails is good (rage rage)………
Ay ay ay ay ay yeah yeah Im feeling the rage this my first song im bout to go blaze my shit go craze my shit won’t stop until my people drop my bitches suck my cock I got the lock…… (Bynx) (perc) (I – I – im working on I – I – im working on dying) (yeah) yeah yeah yeah my bitch on the left I feel like im blessed (ay) (I – I – I) bleed (bleed) bleed I said I said yeah yeah yeah (bleed) (ay) we go crazy on the block im finna make it pop I will never ever stop I wanna just put my Glock on the edge of the roof….. (ROOF!) (yeah)

2 (Autumn!)
Nigga fuck you mean I got a blick im makin a hit ion fuck with 12 and thеy the same way I got the hеat (blick) if I dont make a hit ima go back to (college) yeah fuck you mean I got a blick im makin a hit you best know ion miss I fuck on yo bitch I make her scream im only 24 but I got some green

Yeah fuck it that my song okay if you dont like it fuck off

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