Force Field Lyrics

Trust Army & 38 Spesh


Yo yo, yoyoyo, runnin’ through bags like, potato sack rates, nigga, YO!, NACKMAN, yo, kept them things, son, coño, son
I just got a bag checked
The last thing you wanna do is fuck with us
Shit get wilder than a Arab spring on lap king
Got the Becky and the Sebastian, my label mixes some niggas I split the cash with
Who the man and most resemble the maggot
Package up in the cabinets, baggies up in the trash is bad habits, bro
I’mma cut into the casserole, elastic dough
Fiend lookin’ dead in my eyes, said no and he lost half his soul
Fidel Castro cologne, camouflage a clip water zig zowеr here (Blaow!)
Sigmund Freud in thе trap talkin’ like a Marvis stock, necked imperial bottle, hold up
Ten fulla hollow, breakin’ banks
Spesh got me smokin’ straight dank for think dollars I tryna make Franks, yo
Shout out to Pounds and Euros, currency catalogue wilder than a nigga passport yo, yo (Woah!)
Play this sport, evade the four
Made the four, show you how to make you take off
Guard us some glitter sauce, lakeside Saturday loss
Session with louder elevator to the top floor lists to the Commodore
Ship havin’ sex, plenty of connection with carnivores

2: Planet Asia:

Yeah, yo, I’m workin’ offa low nutrients
From a bottle with the douchier? in
Dancin’ on the way that was made, Spesh produced it in
To fit my little shooter can’t wait, some bitch boosted it
Movie after movie, dumb fucks so get used to it
California made, approved by the FDA
Food, Drugs, Administrate, ain’t nothin’ left to say
Hit you in the head with that new shit
Exclusive lucense, fly spreadmaster, this is that Bruce Lee
Rap’s Top 10, cuttin’ off your oxygen
Trust the Chain came out, and you was knockin’ it
Now we got the game back, where it’s supposed to be
Even though y’all niggas is openly with the potpourri
I left the cash trail, puffin’ on pastels
For poisonous Durban, splurgin’ makin’ mass sells
I came to get what you couldn’t collect
Ain’t never letting up, I’mma keep my foot on yo’ neck

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