If You Want It Lyrics

Trust Army & 38 Spesh

Yo, me and my niggas like a all-star team
We royal ’til we kings and we feed off loyalty
And me, I’m just a bad and boujee nigga still rockin’ ?
American bitch but my whip from overseas
I still parlay on the block with the fiends
I don’t do hand to hand but you’d still get it from me
I might go to Cali for the blunts and the breeze
I always could identify a hoe, from a queen
I’ll never shut you out when you broke, and in need
I could help you fulfill your hopes and your dreams
Everything you ever wanted, I could see it comin’
I know you see it too, and could feel it in your stomach
How could you never eat if you never felt hunger
Been all in the cold, in the rain and the thunder
Gotta keep it slick in this concrеte jungle
to your plan and get up, if you stumblе
Stack money, stay to yourself, be humble
That bitch would be loyal for some change in the funnel
I should be in books how I let ’em through the tunnel
Ask that boy out, he ain’t even see it comin’


Always know to never look back, if you run it
Shit, you can make it off rap, if you want it
I can let you borrow a strap, if you want it
You gotta learn how to adapt, when you want it

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