True Story Lyrics

Trust Army & 38 Spesh

From Project City to Rochester, the same shit, the same stories, you know I mean, yo, it’s like we’re fallen angels, from the Heavens to Hell
Aimlessly dwelled, these stories had to live ’em to tell
I seen junkies, rummage through trash for old lunch meat
And smile when his kids walked by, he had one teeth
Was in the Nation, still greet him, salaam alaykum
That needle push, through his veins it starts takin’
A heavy toll, talk to him had a heavy soul
He told me “thе path of greatness was a lonely road”
And thеn he nodded off, his arm bleedin’ where he tied it off
He started mumblin’ and tried to talk
Some laughed him off and called him just a stupid junkie
But everytime I seen him, couple dollars if he hungry
Old wisdom, both children he lost one stillborn
Broke up his marriage and he still mourns
Cancer took his wife, too scared for him to take his life
Before the needle set he hit the pipe
He was a honest man, he never stole he collected cans
Cut grass, made money any way he can
And how it all ended, was in an instant
A kid lost his ball in the street, and tried to get it
He ran for him, and pushed him out of the street
Now I pray for him, that his soul finds peace
I even cried for him, when the ? man speak
And made the world knew the name, Abdul Lateef, amen

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