Something Out In The Dark Lyrics

I have a friend from the south of the state, he’s your everyday Joe. He lives his life, day by day and he travels a broken road. All his life, he’s never believed in something that he could not see
He said if God is real, then where is he now, amidst all my (this) misery

When the world has run you through
That doesn’t mean, he’s turned his back on you
Can’t you believe and trust your heart
That therе’s something, out in the dark

I kind of feel for peoplе like that and the lonely paths they’ve chose. The only reason they can’t see God is because their eyes are closed. In the breath of a song, or a night gone wrong his presence is through and through
If you want to see God then just look in the eyes of the person right next to you

We’ve got to stop living our lives, just expecting more and more And start living like miracles, which is exactly what we are. You’ve got to build your life on faith if you want to get off the ground, Because a sea of apathy’s a perfect place for any good soul to drown

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