It’s Alive Lyrics

Varon the Unbelievable
Varon the Unbelievable – “It’s Alive”
Emcee(s): Varon the Unbelievable (AKA G.S. Advance)
Producer(s): King Cesar (AKA X-Ray Da Mindbenda)

: Sample
“It’s alive, a gigantic beast, stalking the Earth, crushing all the forest in a cyclonic cavalcade of electrifying horror, reaching through the streets, a rampage of total destruction”

: Varon the Unbelievable (AKA G.S. Advance)
Whole cities better run and high
I’ll come alive and un-survive, yo, everyone’ll die
Everyone and you too divided by the number nine
Oh, your man got butter rhymes? He toast, now they cut the sides
The track’ll bleed when I еat through your raps with ease
I’m evеn killing niggas who’s friends with wack emcees
Yo, why you do that, son? Because I wanna
Embalming all their bodies and mixing with marijuana
Pardon my appalling demeanor, meaning I ain’t even meaning
Been meaner. Is you even listening? Don’t look at me like
“Here, look at me, bro.” When I’m speaking, it’s a blessing here
(G.S. Advance) I am the one of the best at fear
Hope the message clear. If not, better get a tutor
Talk shit online, I’m punching through your computer
Put a hand on me and mine, they might find you up in a sewer
Anyone else about it are lying like Ferris Bueller
So who the problem though? Let everybody know
Your ho was all up on my dick, I told her, “Adios”
But first I dig it, put it in, she crying snotty-nose
I told her, “Chill, that’s just the head,” that’s when her body froze
Niggas swear they’re woke. I never sleep, please
I even keep my eyes open when I sneeze
Fuck you think? Make your head spin, your tail do
A 182, I don’t even know how to Blink
I am twice as grimy as the foulest scene
Curse your bloodline. You ever try to battle me? You’re better off
Drunk breakdancing on a balance beam. Made my own
Cowboy boots out the Dallas team. Uh!
Who got the fire flow? Slap whoever said, “I don’t know”
I got the strength to rip out a fucking lion’s throat
Throw a midget through your tires when you ride your bicycle
(“Varon!”) I can make fire from an icicle
Ill with it yet still with it, be fighting
‘Bout your baby mama, then I still hit it. Your man
Finna blow, I’m ripping up the meal tickets, set the world
On fire just to show you how I feel, bitches!
I will spit Ebola
I’ve been killing rappers since I was in a stroller
Mama pushing me, I’m spitting all over the corner
Your girl told me you chase nas with a soda
Not many survive when I’m ready for violence
G.S. and King Cesar be a deadly alliance
Extinguish all their screams, enjoying heavenly silence
My music like the newest drug, you’re ready to try it, so I
Make it snow in June, rappers get consumed, stay in tune
To everything I’m ever dropping coming soon, show and prove
Earthquakes, tornadoes, and typhoons while
Gilbert, the dish ran away with the spoon. G.S
You that nigga. Pussy-ass, arrogant, your shit trash
I will blow your fucking brains out on Jamaica Ave
“You’re noise, and everything you say is poison”—that’s what
These niggas dream ‘bout saying when they sleep next to their boyfriends
Batty bwoy, bombaclat, pussyhole, bloodclat
Set Advance, stay violent, men in war, bloodshot
The flow will eat you, exposing the grossest evil
(“Varon!”) Know the name from Tokyo to Mogadishu
Move silent, speak defiant, smacking niggas
With a microscope, and then I ask them, “What’s the science?”
My Puerto Rican peoples like, “Giallo west perico”
I came up on Future Flavas and Stretch and Bobbito

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