I Can’t Party Lyrics



I saw a cute fluff ball at the coffee shop
I asked “Can I pet it?”
She said “Me or the dog?”
I said “Whoa, quick wit,” she said “pull up a chair,”
“I’ve got a thousand dad jokes I’ve been wanting to share”

She had me in stitches, fully tickled
Hotter than Portman, funnier than Rickles
She said “My friends are in town tonight and we’re all going out
They’re Swedish, and single, and I’m showing them around
You wanna come with? You seem cool and artsy”

That’s when I broke the news, honey
I, I, I…

I can’t party (x2)
I can’t party


She said “you should really reconsider, my friends they are a blast
“and if you get too tired, you could always crash
With us in my mansion but we all share a bed, and sometimes fool around, after we are fed
My private chef is vegan, my private chef is great
Name your favorite meal and she’ll put it on your plate”

I thought wow, she’s rich, and clearly a smarty
But I needed to reiterate

I, I, I…


I can’t party (x2)
I can’t party

down /

(I can’t party x4)
I wish I could but you know I can’t (x4)

(I can’t party x2)
Par– (x21)
(party, I can’t party)

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