Cold As Love Lyrics


Yeah, yeah, mhm, tss

I done found peace slidin’ with the gang
I done took leaps tryna make a change
I done went deep lookin’ in the pain
I ain’t have bleach either for the stains
I done burnt bridges tryna hold a grudge
I done learnt how to do it outta love
I done hurt feelings sayin’ what it was
I done seen God when I’m off the drugs
I done went numb bein’ outta touch
I done missed steps bein’ in a rush
How you have faith sayin’ it was luck?
How you not break knowin’ that you crushed?
I done had things I ain’t get to say
I done missed drеams bein’ too afraid
Wanna be free, I’ve been in a cagе
Knowin’ it was me that was in the way
I’ve been in my head, yeah, yeah

I think I’m stallin’, I think I feel something
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Tell me why? (Yeah, tss)
You feel so safe, but still so shady
Tell me why, why? (Tss)
Invade my space, but still can’t save me
Tell me why?

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