After My Death Lyrics

White Lord Jesus

You know, I, oh, heh
I was ?
Hello, did you know I, I can still hear her
? lonely night
Oh, babe, I cry

Another morning without no warning
You yawn and stretch, then get up to fetch
The good bottle
Left behind by last night’s saviour
What a bleak Roman soldier you made
Well, just throttle that bottle alone, babe
Counting down the loves you betrayed

Last year we flirted with the suicide milkmen
Now you’re the alcoholic oracle
Wearing your mother’s eyes
Rising from bed to complexity
So many false notes to play as you wait
Sure I unthread that red thread alone, babe
Taking the short cut to the gate

You’ll never make your exit in style
The razors they used to make you smile
Rusted into your flesh
‘Til your dreams were as ugly as life
The clock between your legs tells it’s too late
So just undress that red dress alone, babe
One can always call it fate

Thank you
? song about a ?

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